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Keith Cutler obtained a favorable verdict in a recent week-long jury trial in Wichita, Kansas.  Our driver was rear-ended while making a right turn; his passenger was injured, and sued both our driver and the driver of the rear-ending vehicle.  There was a dispute over whether our driver used his turn signal.  The Plaintiff asked the jury to award past and future damages totaling over $208,000.  The jury returned its verdict for Plaintiff, but only awarded $64,000, of which our driver was only responsible for $6,400 (10%).  Kudos to Keith for an excellent result!

Dana Tippin Cutler was invited to give a seminar presentation on diversity and inclusion for the Wake County Bar Association, in Durham, North Carolina.   Dana's presentation addressed real-life instances of, and the harms caused by, implicit bias in the legal field and in our daily lives.  More importantly, the presentation included concrete and specific strategies of how law firms and individual attorneys can work to overcome implicit bias and become more diverse and inclusive.

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